Why are Bamboo Shirts So Awesome?

As the years go by, you'd think the famous Piko bamboo shirts would start to loose their popularity. However, the bamboo Piko top demand is still steadily climbing, transitioning from the Juniors apparel to the everyday woman's apparel market. Moms, teens, grandmas, and everybody in between have caught on the the fabulosity of the Piko- the shirt you can dress up or down and wear almost anywhere. To see the bamboo Pikos we offer, browse here!

Here are some fabulosity facts on bamboo fabric we found. You can find more of what The Green Living center has to say here.

"Bamboo fabric is very soft, often described as feeling like cashmere. This is because the bamboo fiber itself is naturally round and smooth without any chemical treatment. This means that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. This means that bamboo can be worn directly next to skin, even with many people who are allergic to other natural fibers such as hemp or wool. Bamboo fibers are also quite long which means that there is less piling of the fabric than in the cheaper varieties of cotton. The softness and quality of the fabric itself seems to stand up to multiple washings. Many even describe the fabric as getting even softer with each washing!

As our world gets greener, bamboo is becoming more and more popular. Because it grows so quickly, bamboo is an easily renewable resource. It requires 1/3 the amount of water to grow that cotton uses and has no natural pests. This means that bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides whereas cotton often requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth. Bamboo plantations can quite easily be kept organic and replanted every year. Although organic cotton is readily available, there are still many pluses to using bamboo.

Another unique quality with bamboo fiber is it’s antibacterial qualities. This unique antibacterial quality is due to an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in the fiber. This kun makes bamboo a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant fiber, through multiple washings. Cotton does not have anything like this. The bamboo kun helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and human skin. This means that the wearer and the fabric have less bacteria that causes unpleasant odors.

Bamboo also has excellent wicking properties. The textile resembles the plant in this aspect. The bamboo plant is highly water absorbent. It is able to take in up to three times it’s weight in water! The textile retains this ability to some extent, pulling the moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. Bamboo fabric also has some insulating properties. This means that the fabric will help the wearer stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer."

Bamboo is wonderful. Try it and see for yourself! Happy shopping ;)

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