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Your New Wardrobe and How to Size, Style, and Wear Boutique Tops in 2020

Your New Wardrobe and How to Size, Style, and Wear Boutique Tops in 2020

Best Selling: A Mini Guide to Women's Fashion Trends of 2020

From leopard print earrings and jeans to the number one selling designer inspired belt (and at the lowest price seen), Pin-Ups Spa and Boutique has the styles you're looking for at the prices you need. We specialize in loose fit, figure-flattering, flowing and boho style clothing in long-time reputable brands for closet staples that stand the test of time. Shop with us and see for yourself.

Online Shopping: Sizing for Women

We cater to grown-ups. We do not carry junior sizes unless our personal fittings have deemed an...

Piko Size Chart with Measuring Tips and Wash Instructions

Please use our Piko size chart to help find the perfect Piko fit for you! This chart applies to all authentic original Piko shirts, so it does not apply to the new "boyfriend" style. Now, the boyfriend Piko is still a real Piko, but the fit is modern and not like the typical square box cut of the classic style Pikos everyone is more familiar with.

Piko size chart with helpful measuring and washing tips.

Why are Bamboo Shirts So Awesome?

Why are Bamboo Shirts So Awesome?

As the years go by, you'd think the famous Piko bamboo shirts would start to loose their popularity. However, the bamboo Piko top demand is still steadily climbing, transitioning from the Juniors apparel to the everyday woman's apparel market. Moms, teens, grandmas, and everybody in between have caught on the the fabulosity of the Piko- the shirt you can dress up or down and wear almost anywhere. To see the bamboo Pikos we offer, browse here!

Here are some fabulosity facts on bamboo fabric we found. You can find...