Top 8 Tote-ssentials for Summer

Be Sure to Have These Top 8 Tote-ssentials for Summer!

From kimonos to sunscreen to snacks and music, we're here to remind you of ALL your summer tote-ssentials this year! Keep your tote packed and ready to grab for any impromptu day out. Follow this list as a guide and you'll always be prepared. You wouldn't wanna be caught wishing you had number eight.. trust us!

Top 7 Summer Tote-ssentials
1. Well, we need a non-weathered down water-stained fresh tote, for one!. This one here is by FAR our favorite:
2. SPF made specifically for that precious face you invest so much time and money into! Did you know SPF 30 is the highest you really need? SPF 30 blocks 97% of the sun's rays. Any number above that only increases this number by a fraction. Sunscreen is only good for 2 hours and takes 20 minutes to activate (which is about how long your natural protection lasts, so don't skimp with time!) SPFs higher than 30 only lead to misleading extra protection that simply does not exist.
3.  This is the awesome waterproof bluetooth speaker we use in our Gautier store. Has great sound, battery life, and quality for a really good price point. We've used ours daily, unplugged, for over a year. Get it at Target for only $49.99!
Altec Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker in Mint
4.  Snacking to meet all your needs without the dreaded bloat! A mix like this is loaded with skin loving healthy fats and antioxidants to help combat the sun's damage. Packed with protein for enerygy, the added chocolate bits and sweetened fruits helps to hit all of your craving needs.
Antioxidant Trail Mix from Target for Skin Loving and Taste Craving Needs
5.  Let's face it; eventually you'll have to get up to use the bathroom or to get some real grub in your belly. As much as we might think in the a.m. "we got this", we eventually wish we had a coverup. So might as well wear one and pack it away in the tote when you relax in that chair with that Blue Tropical Freeze!
6. An extra large hardshell sunglass case to make sure any of your favorite sunnies fit and STAY protected! We like this snakeskin option from WalMart.. only $3.99!
Extra Large Sunglass Case in Snakeskin
7. A bold and beautiful, large and in charge, circle towel to fit your entire body, your tote, your cooler, sandals, speaker, and maybe a friend if you choose! Beach goals- KEEP EVERYTHING OUT OF THE SAND!
Large and In Charge Circle Beach Towel
And finally, number 8! A SPRAY BOTTLE! Yes! You MUST have a spray bottle with fresh water to mist your face and anywhere else on your body that you don't want to cool down during a hot and sweaty summer layout with chlorinated, skin-drying pool water, or itchy and sticky ocean water! Get these practically anywhere and pack an extra bottle of water or refillable bottle of tap water to prevent the spray bottle leaking in your fresh tote. Fill it when you're ready to keep the water from getting hot as it sits on your towel (keep the water bottle in your tote bag until ready or keep it in the cooler.. even better!). And fair warning.. don't let the kids play with it.. it's not a water gun. When you want to use it, we can assure you it WILL be broken... Grown-ups only! ;)
How did we do? Did we miss anything we MUST add to our bag as well? Join our V.I.Pin-Ups facebook group to let us know! 
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