Your New Wardrobe and How to Size, Style, and Wear Boutique Tops in 2020

Best Selling: A Mini Guide to Women's Fashion Trends of 2020

From leopard print earrings and jeans to the number one selling designer inspired belt (and at the lowest price seen), Pin-Ups Spa and Boutique has the styles you're looking for at the prices you need. We specialize in loose fit, figure-flattering, flowing and boho style clothing in long-time reputable brands for closet staples that stand the test of time. Shop with us and see for yourself.

Online Shopping: Sizing for Women

We cater to grown-ups. We do not carry junior sizes unless our personal fittings have deemed an item "too small" for our trusted size run. And then we let you know in the Size Fit description online, or we label it "White Hanger" in our stores for easy reference to our Colored Hanger Guide for in-store shoppers.

Pin-Ups Smalls fit a woman's size 4-6, a Medium fits woman's 8-10, and a large fits size 12-14. Are you tiny? That's ok! The beauty of these hand-selected classics is especially found in the versatility. Read on for how to wear and style your new boutique tops and apparel.

Online Shopping: Sizing for Women


How to Wear Women's Boutique Tops

A package has arrived! You just received your online order and you're so excited to try it on! And then.. you look like a deflated pumpkin. Well, ladies, you have to put a smidge of effort into it and a few practice attempts for trial and error to see what looks best on you. So let's start here:

Grab the lower side corner, twist around your finger, then pop it inside your waistband right there on the hip. Personally, I always gravitate to my left side. Just a little twist of your top or blouse, maybe a knuckle or so deep down the index finger. Then pop it in, right there on the hip bone, and fluff the edges around to get the "natural" flowing look. Twist left to right in the mirror and fluff or redo till satisfied.

How to Style and Wear Pikos and Boutique Tops and Tees with Side Tuck and Knots 

Option 2: Create the care-free effect of the front tuck with just a little of the bottom hem tucked above the button of your skinny jeans, shorts, or wide-leg flares. Sometimes this works with a finger spin and tuck, like the first method for the side tuck, and other times you need a wider approach. It all depends on the excess and type of material you're working with. For the wider approach, you will take that bottom center hem and tuck it in straight across. Sometimes you only need 3 inches of width, sometimes you need much more width tucked across. The thinner the material, the better. Tuck in and pull out as necessary to create a waterfall effect on both sides that cascades to the hips, where the material naturally transitions back to its original state and covers your backside.

Option 3: Additionally, you can grab some excess material from your top, tee, or blouse and pull forward and slightly up and then tie a front knot. Finagle the excess of the final tail and push some back through if necessary. Not working for you? It takes a little practice and a full-size mirror, but you'll get the hang of your new posh style after a few times. If you still can't get it, try again on a different day when you're hair and makeup are different. You have to be confident- "feelin' yourself", when you are stepping out of your comfort zone for the public eye. But a little practice means eventually it's effortless, and that's exactly the look you're going for.

                      How to Style and Wear This Tie Dye Boutique Top with Side Knot


How to Style Women's Boutique Tops

Ok, now put it together! Accessorize with earrings, bangles, bracelets, a necklace, belts, however you want, and of course, the perfect shoes. Add some mascara and a messy bun and transform into the epitome of effortlessly darling. Tip: save the eyeshadow and drama for later. I need my confidence together before I start trying to get all fabulous with new clothes. So do the minimum you require, put your outfit on, then take a breather and finish your makeup. This way, you haven't gotten excited with the perfect smokey or nude palette eyelid, only to realize something's off (the bad hair day I don't notice till I give up), and you wanna put something else on that now clashes with your makeup. Just a personal tip from experience.

Accessories- follow the 60/30/10 rule of.. decorating, I suppose you can say. 60% this, little bit (30%) of that, and a splash (10%) to make it pop.

Now consider your body type versus the neckline and coverage of the outfit. Sleeveless? All about that sassy arm candy, baby! Sleeveless and scoop neck? I'm swapping the mutli-bracelet arm candy for a single statement piece, maybe just my favorite Apple watch band, and I'm adding a collarbone length necklace. Because I am small chested and it breaks up the flatness. Large chested? Wear a long necklace to direct the eyes vertically instead of horizontally. Don't want to wear or don't have the right necklace? Then it's the perfect time to show off long dangling drop earrings, threader earrings, or your favorite hoops. I prefer hair up when wearing long earrings, and I prefer studs or very thin dangle earrings when my hair is down. But I can still wear bracelets if I feel like something is missing. Look at your outfit and see if something is out of balance. Don't try to throw together all of your new favorites and expect it to work when your rings are still off from last night's dishes and the top emphasizes your chest but the necklace isn't quite long enough to avoid bulging out even further.

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