Basic Skincare, Part One: Cleansing

Basic Skincare, Part One: Cleansing

 *Written by Rachel Smith. Edited by Casey Martin.


Skin cleansing really shouldn’t be a complicated concept. But so many things have been shoved in your face, how can you really be expected to know what to do? Everyone has different skin, therefore the same product that works for your sister may not be for you, or what was a miracle for you may wreak havoc on your coworker’s face. And what’s promised by a YouTube makeup junkie who has mastered the art of hiding imperfections may not work for your low maintenance non-camoflauging makeup style (raises hand). We must first understand that everyone’s skin is different. Your skin type falls into one of four general categories: normal, oily, dry, or combination skin. Along with these skin types, you may also have a condition, such as sensitive skin, acne prone skin, sun damaged, dehydrated, or aging skin. You should have a good idea of your skin type/ condition combo before you choose a cleanser. Confused on how to tell just what type and condition you have? Don’t worry, we will detail it out for you in another post! Until then, we at Pin-Ups Spa and Boutique recommend just a basic, mild cleanser. Baby shampoo is a great start, and most of our staff uses the Wal-Mart brand daily! It’s affordable, gentle, and gets the job done for most skin types.

Secondly, you should make a habit of washing your face twice a day. Yes, you read that right! At night while we sleep, our bodies do amazing things including damage control and repair for our skin. But other things are also happening that we don’t even think about. How about the dreaded “drool”, for example? Ever think about that lovely residue on your face if you choose not to wash it? AND that this residue is still on your pillow.. where your face will lay for 8 more hours tomorrow? And who washes their hair every night? Certainly not this girl! Hair product was definitely not formulated to consider effects of  nightly pillow case face smothering residue. But it can certainly wreak havoc on your skin when you put your face on it 8 hours a night. And while we’re at it, do you have pimples? Did you know pus is very acidic and if it isn’t “popped” properly, the pus will eventually erode through the skin anyway, most likely when its between your face and, you guessed it, your pillow? So now you have the p. acnes bacteria breading ground throwing a party right where you lay your precious face. And this particular bacteria (the one that causes pustular acne) is anaerobic, meaning it thrives without oxygen. Where can it find that environment? The non-aerated region between your face and pillow case! Ok, ok…so back to the original point.. wash your face when you wake up. This gives you a clean, fresh canvas for your SPF moisturizer (a must!!) and allows for better makeup application.

Before bed, it is imperative that your skin is thoroughly clean. Aside from any makeup you may wear, so many environmental impurities naturally occurring in our air have settled on our beloved skin, as well as any germs or bacteria from your hands, your favorite work sweater, your phone (or even worse, the shared work phone.. gross), or even your jewelry or hair. So cleansing at night is actually even more important than cleansing in the morning. If you HAD to choose one, it needs to be this one. In addition to cleansing at night, we highly recommend you use the double cleansing approach. This simply means wash your face twice! The first wash rids the top layer of makeup/dirt/germs that has accumulated on your face, but typically there is still up to 10% of the yucky stuff left behind. That’s where being thorough comes in, and washing a second time will really get down deep to help clear out your pores. You don’t have to worry about drying your face in between washes; simply rinse well after the first wash and proceed with the second. Kinda like lather, rinse, repeat.. right?

As big of a deal as the media and sales people have made cleansers out to be, its nowhere near important as how you actually wash your face. The double cleanse concept you understand now, right? So lastly, all you need to remember is to use small circular motions all over your face starting from the bottom up and from the outside in, and always while maintaining gentle pressure. Let us reiterate that, because its this important: start at the bottom and work your way up and in instead of tugging or rubbing in a downward motion. Do this with any skincare application.. or trust us, you WILL be helping gravity and it WILL start to show!

Until next time! Comment on our “tip” posts on our instagram page if you want details about other skin care questions! Find us at pinupspa_boutique.

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