Long Time VIP's: Favorite Skin Care Products for Smooth and Glowing Skin

Ok, so clearly there's a million things you could use on your face. I bet you probably have a dedicated corner on the bathroom counter or (but most likely and) a drawer full of products you've tried to no avail. One is for breakouts, one is the spot treatment that goes under that, one is a moisturizer for oily skin but one is a night cream for anti-aging, one is a serum you don't even know when to put on, and another is something that just really had great packaging. So how the heck are you seriously supposed to know where to start or what to do? And even worse, if you are crazy busy like me, going a mile a minute with way too many things on your mind, a relaxing bath at the end of the day is the only "reset" button you got. But when it's time to get out, that's it and it's back to work. There are just too many things to do. That means no lotion on the legs, no fun but overpromised face masks or crazy intensive 6 step skin care routines, no fooling around with the dusty product hoarder's skin care corner- I mean, who has time for that anymore? 

As a licensed esthetician (skin care professional) and 7 year spa owner, you probably expect a lot out of me. But honestly, my face + neck + chest and ears are allergic to practically every damn thing under the sun. So when I'm not using my own lab-made creations (once a week 4-in-1 product, you're welcome), I'm using my absolute most favorite, must-have, number one pride and joy: the Lightening Serum from Glo Skin Beauty (formerly GloTherapeutics). 

Acne allergy breakout

^Me. In all my used-to-be-normal breakout glory. Super embarrassing when your job is to educate people on skin care.

A lightening serum? Seriously.. you didn't come here to read about age spots, I know. But that's not why I use it. This little baby is power packed with very few but very potent skincare ingredients. And they are pretty much just skin-resurfacing acids and the solvents needed to dissolve them. That's it. No need for a laundry list of ingredients to try and woo you into thinking it offers something much better than every other skin care product on the market. In fact, how many times have you broken out and had no idea where it came from? It's more than likely because you aren't having a reaction until at least a week after you used something, even if you only used it once and rinse it off. Now, how on earth do you narrow down possible skin care enemies from an overloaded ingredient list when it takes so long to even realize a resulting problem? Point is- it doesn't take a bunch of crap to make a great product. And if you decide to trust me, you'll find out for yourself.

Ok, on to "How to Use": wash your face (or don't- more on that later). Rinse your face. Pat dry (or just get dressed and air dry your face, it's really not that complicated). Pump the skin smoothing wonder serum into your fingers (usually just takes one pump). Now, dot a cross onto your face and then blend it in. Never rub hard, never pull down on the skin. Yea, I promised it wasn't complicated but you still need to have some basic healthy skin care habits. When it comes to the eyes, stay above the brow and below the under-eye bone. Lightly massage into the skin, and that's it! If you want to get fancy, you can moisturize afterward. But if you are a breakout queen like me, just stick to this simple routine for a month. Then if you don't have any breakouts, add a night cream. If you start getting problems afterward, then obviously ditch said night cream. 


I only do this about twice a week, sometimes three times when I've just been so neglectful that I now have breakouts and I have to use the serum to solve the problem. (Yeah, like the picture above). Ideally, you'd do this very simple routine 2-3 times a week to keep your skin glowingly fab, and it would be your preventative maintenance to keep you from even having these breakouts to begin with. Especially when you've done something out of the ordinary, like put on makeup you wouldn't regularly wear for a special night out on the town. You just never know what your skin might do or when it might have a reaction, so use this afterward. Honestly, sometimes its been like three weeks since I've used the serum. And man, the difference after two nights of using it again... I just LOVE it! I glow (have I mentioned that yet?), I look younger, and I feel prettier.

And the best part of all? Remember, it is actually a "lightener". So without even intending to, you are doing a long term anti-aging treatment for those hidden age spots that are sure to surface one day. And trust me, they will. Or don't trust me. But there are plenty of light reversing filters and apps that will actually show you what's hiding down there. So just go ahead and do yourself a favor by accidentally doing something about it now. Fun fact- it takes at least three months for a lightener to work on the face. You can test this by using lightener on an area that never sees sunlight. Say.. an ingrown bikini hair that left a mark. In a month, you will have mad results on that old mark if you used the serum there nightly compared to anything you've tried to lighten on your face. And why? Because the sun stimulates pigment, the color you are trying to fight in those "over-stimulated" areas (age spots). I mean, what better way to start the anti-aging battle than to use a product sure to give you immediate results for something else you wanted anyway?

A few extra notes- do not abuse this product. There is no need to use an exfoliating lightener like this on your delicate face every single day. The point is to help your skin slough off so it retexturizes quickly. But you still have to have some skin there. So, don't go crazy. You'll just do yourself more harm than good. And as always, I wouldn't be a skin care expert at all if I didn't recommend SPF. Not only for obvious skin health reasons, but you can't use a product designed to inhibit overproduction of melanin when you will unavoidably be combating the one thing guaranteed to stimulate that melanin (the sun). So in the a.m., rinse your face (no need to wash) and use either a light SPF that you know doesn't give you any problems (because I'd hate to see you blame this wonderful product for your continued breakouts when it's really your 20+ ingredient moisturizer), or might I recommend another absolute fave? ;)  

And that second VIP Favorite Skin Care Product would be the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Skin Perfector with SPF! Your options are Ivory to Fair for very light skin, even too light for me. Fair to Light , what I usually use. And Neutral to Tan, which is my summer color. But I frequently use the Fair to Light everywhere and then add Neutral to Tan in the areas I would typically use bronzer. I just feel like it gives me a more natural non-makeup look. And then I add bronzer and highlighter, eye-makeup, and lipstick if I'm feeling fancy. No powder, no heavy foundation, no pimple concealer (because of the lightener, duh). The reason I use this over everything else is because I truly feel like it's doing something else for my skin that enhances what the lightener has already done. If I had bumps before, they go away much quicker with this duo because this particular SPF softens up what the lightener has started to eat away, and it just falls off. No tempting picking to leave scarring or pink spots behind. The lightener alone can solve my problems within a matter of days, but just as quickly as it dries up the bumps and leaves them ready to come off, they become a new thing just begging me to pick 'em off. Also, everything is just all around so much clearer than I've ever had before. And this is with expensive products and treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasions to freely use at my disposal. I would still chose these two over anything else. Any day.

For credibility purposes, here is the EDITED photo of me with said product routine and makeup technique above just shortly after my recent breakout, and here is my dumb brother, who minutes before just smashed a beer can into his forehead several times, hence the editing. We don't have many pictures together and mom wouldn't have been too proud of the unedited version.

Edited photo for dumb brother

Here is the unedited version. He needed a lot of work, as you can see from the rapidly swelling knot on his forehead. But considering the fact this picture was taken on a hot summer night in a humid North Carolina shed after a long day of funeral, memorial, and family gatherings, I was actually confident enough to post the picture as is, no editing and no filter. But he's quite vain and I'd like to live to see another year.

Undited photo for dumb brother

Not too shabby, right? That's a looooong day of makeup and sweat going on up there. So I'm pretty satisfied. And all of the products I've discussed today are also listed here through highlighted links and click pics below. This is not a blog to sell product; this is a blog to have a physical copy of the same education I give our spa clients every day. Maybe someone who needs help out there and wants to listen will find me. For several years, I have been giving out this information daily at both of my spas, and it's quite painful as an entrepreneur to see my clients take pictures to "think about it", when they are actually just trying to see if it's on Amazon for $5 cheaper. We don't sell many products, and it's because I can't recommend anything I don't 100% believe in. We sell these few particular products because they work. I'm not a good sales person, I'm much too honest for that. Maybe that's why my retail sales suck and yet my client retention is so high. Hmm. So anyway, let me take the work out of it for you. Here are your Amazon links. Help a sister out. If you use these links, I might get one dollar for the referral. It's better than nothing (let's be real, this website costs a lot of money). Or you could just buy it from us ;) I mean, we try to sell it for the cheapest we possibly can without getting the line pulled from us for undercutting, we even sell it for $6 cheaper than Amazon! But you just can't compete with Amazon these days. So, if you do want to support small business while still saving money, you can buy my absolute favorite skin treatment, the lightener, from us by clicking here. If you are local, you can avoid the shipping charge and opt for pickup by using the code LOCAL at checkout. If not, that's ok, too. Here are your Amazon links separated by product, then color options to make your shopping easier:

 The Amazing and Wonderful Lightening Serum
Neutrogena Anti-Aging Skin Perfector Ivory to Fair
Neutrogena Anti-Aging Skin Perfector Fair to Light
Neutrogena Anti-Aging Skin Perfector Neutral to Tan

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