Skin Care — Pores

Basic Skin Care, Part Three: Skin Typing

We have covered cleansing and exfoliation but have only briefly touched on skin type, even though knowing and understanding your skin type is really the first step in basic skin care. So how do you know your skin type? We will show you the easiest way by just looking at your face!

Which Facial Treatment Do I Need? Skin Care Cheat Sheet

Don't know what type of facial you need? Confused about whether you should even get a facial? What if you need a microdermabrasion or a chemical peel instead? This cheat sheet is a quick reference guide to tell you just what you need according to your skin care problem. Choose from concerns like dry skin, anti aging needs, acne or clogged pores, smokers skin, rosacea, sensitive skin, dull skin, or dehydrated flaky skin.