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Long Time VIP's: Favorite Skin Care Products for Smooth and Glowing Skin

How can you easily have flawlessly smooth and glowing skin without the infamous 5-6 step skin care routine? Can you really use just one thing and be done with it? Yes. Do I know what I'm talking about? It's my life and business, so I sure hope so. (Yes, I do).

Basic Skin Care, Part Four: Moisturizers

Now that you’ve figured out your skin type and have learned how to properly cleanse and exfoliate your face, we need to talk about using moisturizers. There are many different types of moisturizers for all skin types, so we will help you figure out which one is best for you!

Basic Skin Care, Part Three: Skin Typing

We have covered cleansing and exfoliation but have only briefly touched on skin type, even though knowing and understanding your skin type is really the first step in basic skin care. So how do you know your skin type? We will show you the easiest way by just looking at your face!

Which Facial Treatment Do I Need? Skin Care Cheat Sheet

Don't know what type of facial you need? Confused about whether you should even get a facial? What if you need a microdermabrasion or a chemical peel instead? This cheat sheet is a quick reference guide to tell you just what you need according to your skin care problem. Choose from concerns like dry skin, anti aging needs, acne or clogged pores, smokers skin, rosacea, sensitive skin, dull skin, or dehydrated flaky skin.

Basic Skincare, Part One: Cleansing

Basic Skincare, Part One: Cleansing

Skin cleansing really shouldn’t be a complicated concept. But so many things have been shoved in your face, how can you really be expected to know what to do? Everyone has different skin, therefore the same product that works for your sister may not be for you, or what was a miracle for you may wreak havoc on your coworker’s face. And what’s promised by a YouTube makeup junkie who has mastered the art of hiding imperfections may not work for your low maintenance non-camoflauging makeup style (raises hand). We must first understand that everyone’s skin is different. Your skin type falls into one of four general categories: normal, oily, dry, or combination skin. Along with these skin types, you may also have a condition, such as sensitive skin, acne prone skin, sun damaged, dehydrated, or aging skin. You should have a good idea of your skin type/ condition combo before you choose a cleanser.