Most Asked Question: How Long Does Hair Have to Be for a Brazilian Wax


Video 1 in "Most Embarrassing Brazilian Wax Questions Answered by a Pro" is not actually embarrassing, but it addresses the most asked pre-wax question: hair length.

9 minutes and 13 seconds about hair length? Yes. Because we answer all the curiosities and the how-come's for this number one pre-waxing rule. Answered by a rookie at videos but an expert at waxing (and spa owner), this informational video is very blunt and contains language not suitable for younger viewers. We address all the things you may be thinking and answer the questions you will eventually have when your salon or spa makes such a big deal about hair length. Proper hair length avoids unneccessary pain, gets you in and out of the appointment quicker, and it just plain saves you time and money by having the best results possible. If there could only be one thing you needed to know before your first Brazilian wax, this is literally THE most important "thing" of all.

-Exact hair length answered 0:19-:54

-How to trim :54-1:17

-Defining the "Lip Area" 1:17-2:00

-Twist to trim 2:00-2:27

-Understanding how hair grows to explain the importance of trimming 2:28-4:16

-Reasons why we don't trim for you 4:17-6:13

-Difference in hair during pregnancy 6:15-6:51

-Why you can't use a trimmer or razor 6:54-7:05

-Waxing and new growth vs. shaving and blunt tips 7:05-8:00

-Why short hair can't be waxed 8:02-8:38

-Why we can't tweeze you 8:38-8:55


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