Individual Eyelash Extensions from Nova Lash

Nova Lash Certified Individual Eyelash Extensions

Novalash Eyelash Extensions at Pin Ups Spa and Boutique Biloxi  

Full Eyelash Extension Set $149

Individual (2.5 hour) eyelash extension session with certified Nova Lash technician. One individual false lash is adhered to one natural lash with surgical grade adhesive for an extension that will not harm your natural lashes. 

Eyelash Extension Partial Set $99

Cat-eye lash extension tips (individuals) for special occasions. Meeooow!! Session performed by certified Nova Lash technician. You can also choose this service if you are in need of more than a 45 minute fill-in. 

Eyelash Extension Fill $49

Filling in sets from previous full-lash sessions. Approximately 45 minute sessions with certified Nova Lash technician.

Appointments are available at the Biloxi location only. Click here to book. 

Novalash Eyelash Extensions at Pin Ups Spa and Boutique Biloxi 

Tips and Aftercare:

  • Avoid heat, steam, or water in the eye after for the first 24 hours after your session. Otherwise, the glue will not be able to set resulting in lashes that fall off.
  • Be very picky about the products you now use on your face. Avoid any oil-based foundations, make-up removers, mascaras, and eyeliners as they can ruin the bond between lashes. If you feel like you MUST still wear mascara, avoid water-proof mascaras and apply only to the tips. Check your face and eye creams!
  • Try not to touch your lashes throughout the day to keep natural oils from your fingers away from your new lashes.
  • Lash curlers will crease and ruin your lashes. If you still feel like you need a curler, use a heated eyelash curler.
  • Although you are suppose to keep moisture away from your lashes, they still have to be cleansed of the daily dirt and grim that collects (since that's what eyelashes are for.. protecting your eyes!). Gently rinse you lashes with diluted baby shampoo (one tablespoon to one cup of distilled water) once a day. Avoid rubbing with a towel so you don't pull on any lashes.
  • Avoid sleeping face down, and better yet, get new pillow cases. Not only are silk pillowcases great for de-frizzing your hair and helping with anti-aging while you sleep, they also decrease friction on your lashes compared to cotton pillow cases.
  • Groom your lashes daily. Your certified Nova Lash technician will provide a clean spoolie brush for you to lightly brush through your lashes during the day to keep them from looking messy. Brush from the middle of your lashes to the tip. Brushing from the base can grab the bond and release lashes.
  • Your lashes last about as long as your natural lash cycle, since shedding lashes is how they fall off. Lashes require maintenance just like hair color, acrylics or gel nails, and waxes. To keep your lashes looking even and full, you should book refills no later than every three weeks.