Pedicure and Polish

Pedicure and Polish

The Body Bar: DIY Skin Care That Works. At Pin-Up Spa and Boutique in Biloxi, MS

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The Waterless Pedicure $35
What's better than the guaranteed sanitation and safety of the Waterless Pedicure? The reclining, super relaxing, hand-massaging, paraffin-soaking perks, of course! Start out at our signature DIY Body Bar by choosing your scrub and 3 layers of fragrance. What you don't use is yours to take home as an added shower treatment bonus! Then unwind on our fully reclined pedicure bed (yes, we said bed) as we start the enzymatic fruit cleanse. A light leg and foot massage preps the body for the ultimate relaxation phase as the feet go into a paraffin wax dip double wrapped in towels, the knees bolstered and ankles propped, and the hand and arm massage beginning. Aaahhhh.... yes!
After the massage, paraffin is removed from the first leg and your custom exfoliation and buffing process begins. Want a relaxing, yet effective scrub? Choose the volcanic ash pumice. Need a more aggressive approach? Definitely go with the sugar cane. Your scrub is removed with hot towels and wrapped for warmth before paraffin removal begins on the other leg. After both feet are prepped and cozy under towels, your nail prep begins, ending with our four step OPI polish service.
It sounds amazing because it is. 
Farewell, dated bulky rumbling pedicure chair with awkward rolling massager and useless gyrator. The new waterless pedicure revolution will have you coming back with anticipation, to say the least!
Footsie Facial $59

We call this the Footsie Facial because it involves all the advanced steps of a facial, but for your feet! After a soak in the Footsie Milk Bath, the feet undergo a serious makeover including an advanced exfoliation treatment. The same great professional chemical peel line used in our facial skin care services  is applied in multiple layers on the bottoms of the feet for double the exfoliating power. The final layer uses warm paraffin to lock in the active ingredients and force-feed to moisture back into the skin. And now with the feet propped on a cushy ottoman, you have nothing else to do but sit back and enjoy a hand massage from one of our natural body butters.

Sound a bit intense? Fear not! While professional chemical peels can be uncomfortable on delicate facial skin, you won't feel a thing as they work their magic on your feet. Once the parrafin peel blend is removed, the exfoliation continues with a leg scrub and a cocoa-rhassoul antioxidant mineral mask. The leg treatment sits while the buffing and foot scrubbing begins. Everything is finally wiped clean with vanilla infused hot towels, and cuticle oil is applied just before a light chocolate leg and foot massage. The toes are finally ready for treatment, and your feet can make their debut after our 4 step OPI service.

Polish Change $12

Reclining luxury pedicures without the price tag at Pin Ups Spa and Boutique in Biloxi, MS