Spa Services Policy



No Children?

As a staff of almost ALL working moms, we have always understood and accommodated to sometimes have no other choice but to bring your kids along. So this is definitely not something we're implementing for any other reason than safety and strict orders from our governor.

30 Minutes Early?

The orders also state only one patron per service provider at all times, and no waiting room is allowed. We have two custom tailored systems to suit the needs of each location. Both require arrival for check-in 30 minutes prior.

So How Exactly Does This Work?

Since no spa patron is allowed inside without a mask, regulated sanitation, and a documented Covid-19 questionnaire, you will check in with the front staff upon arrival. Gautier has outdoor signage asking you to knock on the door. Once you've gotten someone's attention, you will return to your vehicle and a team member will come out to start your processing and give you further instructions. This is the literal state order procedure for spas and salons right now.. to stay in your vehicle. Please do not open the door. Your service provider will waive you in sfter processing when she is set up for your service. Make sure you are masked at this time. If you do not have a mask, a temporary solution will be provided for you, as no one is allowed to be serviced without a mask. You may remove your mask after you have exited the door. It must remain through check-out.

Biloxi will have a separate procedure with it being in the mall and so far away from your vehicle. It sitll requires you to arrive 30 minutes early. It is vital you keep this in mind when selecting your appointment time. Although not always guaranteed, it is highly likely your appointment will start earlier than the booking time, as we do not intentionally want to tie your time up any more than necessary. We know you are very busy, just like us. To keep the system flowing, those who are not in the disinfection queue 30 minutes prior- regardless of location- will be assumed "No-Show" and the next patron in queue will be taken. The online booking system will not automatically accept future appointments with a No-Show history on file. Please keep this in mind when selecting your appointment time.

What Appointments Can I Book?

We are currently not servicing appointments that require closer-than-necessary contact or would add additional vapor to the air, such as steam from facial or body service equipment, or enclosed moisture from spray tans. Closer-than-necessary services would also include any other non-steamer facial service, chemcial peel, or microdermabrasion.

At this time, you may book a Brazilian, brow, or any other waxing or threading service at either location. Pedicures are available in the Biloxi location.

As children are not allowed right now, we are currently not offering Kids Spa services of any kind, and are not hosting Princess Parties or any other parties/gatherings. We will keep you updated when this changes. If you had a party scheduled during the outbreak, you will be the first accommodated before any future party bookings are offered to other guests.

Can I Choose My Own Service Provider Again?

Thus the beauty of Online Booking; pretty much everything is in your control. What you see is what we offer, where, what time, and with who. However, there will always be times when your service provider has unforeseen needs of her own which would require a sudden change in provider to avoid a reschedule at the expense of your time. The last thing we ever want to do is waste anyone's time, as we all know how valuable it is. In the past, service provider change has always been far and few, and usually pregnancy related. Due to the domino effect of Covid-19 and how some people are being affected much differently than others, there have already been schedule changes to accommodate staff needs, childcare/school closure needs, and the limited location hours beyond our control. We will do our best to leave your appointment as is. But there may be instances where your appointment is affected. Especially when Mall Doors have not yet been opened by a new Security Guard to meet the needs of our approved extra operating hours, for example... Some things we just can't control, right?

We will always follow first-available guidelines to get you taken care of, and other times we may need to contact you. We are still operating on a skeleton crew consisting of new hire trainees, and there is no history book to follow for the best way to navigate. Scheduling conflict is bound to happen but we are doing our best to accommodate both stores, special hours, staff needs, client needs, skeleton crew, trainee staff, state orders, and the new chaotic work-life mom balance. We do the best with what we can, when we can. And we are trying very hard right now to give YOU our best, even if it might not always seem that way from the outside looking in. We are so glad to have the opportunity to see you all again, and GREATLY thank your patience and continued support of our Small Business!

Xoxo, from our family to yours,

-the Pin-Ups crew.

Original Spa Policy

Arrival, Late Arrivals, Cancellations, No-Shows, Deposits

We hate to be so tough, but due to the high amount of No-Shows, this long time policy created in 2014 is being strictly enforced as of January 2nd, 2017. We have so many great guests that can't get serviced when we don't limit the booking privileges. So if you understand and feel this policy is fair, we look forward to servicing you, too. Go ahead and start your booking! *Deposit/Refund Policy updated 8/2/2018.

  • Be sure to read the information and tips about your service on this site and on the booking page to be prepared for your service. Example: hair length, sun exposure/tanning bed, medications, allergies, etc.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to check in with the front desk and allow time for paperwork and use of the restroom if needed. (Paperwork must be updated every 6 months).
  • After you have checked in, let the front desk know if you need to use the restroom before your appointment begins. This helps avoid timing delays.

Late Arrivals
  • We try to cater to all of our guests and their needs. To keep everyone's appointments on time, the maximum grace period we can allow is 7 minutes, on the mark.
  • Guests arriving 7 minutes late will be subject to a reschedule at the technician's discretion based on availability.
  • Once a guest hits the 10 minute mark (with or with out arrival), they will be marked as a 'No-Show'. Please call and give us the opportunity to work with your situation.
  • If you are unable to make it to your appointment, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. 2 hours in advance is the least amount of time we need to try and fill the spot (applies to total bookings under 75 minutes).
  • If you are in a situation where you are unable to call, you can always use your email reminder to cancel the appointment yourself, or you can use the Vagaro app or cancel on our website. You can also message us on our official Facebook page or leave a voicemail if you call after hours. Please do not reply to the appointment reminder, as they are automated and we can not see your reply.

  • A "No-Show" is generally someone who did not show up for their appointment and was not heard from or able to be reached. A "No-Show" is also someone with a scheduled appointment that did not cancel within the policy guidelines or has not arrived within the 7 minute grace period.
  • After 2 no-shows in a 6 month or 6 service history period, our system will automatically place these guests on a "Day-Of" guest list. Whenever the guest books online after this, appointments are submitted as "requests" and an email will be returned with the reason for denial.
  • "Day-Of" guests can call the day they want an appointment and we can manually put them on the books if we have something available, but failure to show up, and on time as the previous rules state, will move them to the "Walk-In" only list for all future services.
  • Guests with 2 threading appointment no-shows in the 6 month or 6 service history time frame are automatically placed on the "Walk-In Only" guest list.
  • Please note, if you have been moved to the "Day-Of" guest list, you CAN get off the list when you have completed 3 consecutive appointments.
  • "Walk-In Only" guests can walk in on the day they would like an appointment to see if anything is available at that time.

  • Deposits are not required unless multiple bookings are made exceeding a total of 75 minutes during one session.
  • Our most common bookings are usually at or under this 75 minute time frame. For example, a Brazilian wax books out for 30 minutes to include clean up and set up, and an eyebrow books out for 15 minutes. Booking both for 45 minutes will not require a deposit.
  • All facial services book out for 75 minutes or less and will not require a deposit, but if you would like to book multiple appointments exceeding 75 minutes, we will require a deposit.
  • If the total appointment time is under 2 hours, it must be cancelled prior to 24 hours of the starting appointment time for a full refund. Otherwise, you will automatically be charged 50% of all services.
  • If the service is 2 hours or more, cancellation prior to 48 hours from your appointment start time is required for a full refund. Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of all services.
  • Please give us the opportunity to refill the appointment and refund your money. You can cancel by simply calling in the time frame set above and either leaving a message on voicemail, talking to a staff member, or by messaging us on our official Facebook page. Please do not reply to the automated email reminders because we are not able to view these responses. Thanks for understanding.