Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning with Organic Norvell and Million Dollar Tan

Achieve a realistic and natural color enhancement from a 15-20 minute sunless tanning session. Results generally last 5-7 days and are based on pre and post care. The goal for our spray tans is NOT to paint the body with an unnatural color, a "fake" or unrealistic tan, or a dark color that WILL fade in high-contrast splotches. Color is custom-chosen by professionals to enhance natural beauty and allow natural fading against your current skin color/tone. If you want an extreme skin color difference, which we would not recommend, these spray tans will not be to your liking. Clothing can be worn to the most comfortable level. If you choose to wear clothing during your tan, the instant bronzer (color guide that appears before the sunless tan develops) is purely cosmetic and will come out in the wash. 

Spray Tan Prices:

Single Session: $31

Bring a Buddy Spray Tan Special: 2 for $45

Two for $45 spray tan booking special. Both guests must arrive together, on time, and be sprayed one after another. Saves $17! Booking is together, so services can not be split for different times. If your buddy does not arrive, we will simply change your appointment to the original Spray Tan booking for $31.

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Before Your Sunless Spray Tan:

  • EXFOLIATION is KEY! The better you exfoliate, the more even your tan will penetrate, the longer your tan will last, and the better you will look! 
  • Exfoliating- the most popular method: Simply pour a generous amount of kitchen salt or sugar into your body wash and rub in circular motions all over the body (except for the face- use a facial exfoliant instead). Start doing this 3 days before the tan to prime the skin.
  • Barriers: Wearing deodorant, make-up, moisturizers/lotions WILL act as a barrier and the tan will not be able to penetrate the skin as well. Barriers also include parabens and 'protective/ soothing' ingredients in shaving gels, since these agents leave a residue behind. 
  • Clothing: Wear loose fitting clothes, including shoes and undergarments. Tighter clothing afterward, including bra straps, WILL rub off your tan.
  • Waxing and Other Services: Any of your body waxing, including your brazilian wax or bikini waxing, eyebrow and/or facial threading or waxing, and even nails/pedicures should be done BEFORE your spray tan with enough time for you to remove any barriers left behind from wax residue, oils or moisturizers.

During Your Sunless Spray Tan: 

  • You will strip down to your comfort level, pull up your hair, and put on a headband to get the rest of the hair out of the face. 
  • Your technician will show you how she wants you to stand for best results.
  • Try not to watch where your sunless tan is being applied, as moving the neck around with wet solution on it can cause unwanted results.
  • Your tan will be complete in less than 10 minutes!

After Your Sunless Spray Tan:

  • The immediate color you will notice is just the instant bronzer. It takes a few hours for the tanning process to develop. In the meantime, anything that rubs on the skin or wets the skin will neutralize the active ingredient, stopping the tanner from developing in that area and leaving a white or blotchy area behind instead. 
  • Do not do anything "sweaty" or "wet" for 8 hours- includes working out, showering, swimming, hot tubs, pedicures, massages, etc. Avoid water drips from cold beverages, washing hands, rain, and any other way to get the skin wet. 
  • Sunless tanner, no matter what brand or claim, can continue to develop for up to 24 hours. Although people have been known to sleep in their new tan without showering after 6 hours, this is discouraged. The tanner will keep developing as you sleep and the skin may look "dirty" where some areas have been neutralized from friction against the sheets.
  • Anything with chlorine will remove tanner. So will perfume.
  • Try not to exfoliate when showering. Take care of that before tanning. After tanning, wash with gentle soap. Exfoliating, even in the form of waxing, WILL take your tan right off!
  • Moisturize! If your skin is dry and flaky (lots of our legs are!), then the tan will appear flaky as well. Use an approved moisturizer/ hyrdator and NOT a perfumed lotion. Perfumes eat through tans and will cause splotchiness. Some perfumes can even penetrate the skin to the point that even a shower before your sunless tan will not remove it, and will thus cause splotchy results. 
  • And as always, WEAR your SUNSCREEN! A spray on tan has NO sun protection and you still need to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen!