Types of Facials

Full Facial Descriptions

Make any of these facials a microdermabrasion upgrade for just $10 more.

Deep Pore Facial

Got gunk? We will help you get it out. This facial starts calmly with a deep salicylic cleansing polish, a yummy pumpkin enzyme exfoliator, and soothing aromatherapy steam. Then we dive on in to the nitty gritty where we spend most of our time on purging and extractions. We go back to the calmness hot aromatherapy towels and a soothing dead sea clay mask to help draw out toxins, and we end with serums and moisturizers to help prevent clogged pores in the future. Want to make this service last? We have an easy 3 step at-home routine up our sleeve that won't leave you disappointed!

Facial with Extractions

This is a well-rounded classic facial designed to target sudden breakouts, pimples, and those hard little pearls called milia that mysteriously pop up and never go away. Enzyme treatments help break down dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin and light extractions help eliminate superficial bumps and pimples. Hot aromatherapy towels are used throughout to keep you and your pores relaxed, and an extra treat is applied to the chest while the clay mask sets. Then you're on your way with oil-control serums and mattifying moisturizers, and hopefully some education, too!

Lightening and Brightening

Lets face it, nobody wants uneven skin tone. With the right facial and the right at-home routine, we can help get you the skin you feel confident it. This facial uses our Signature Vitamin C Serum, the rockstar of the skin brightening world. Then we use ultrasound to penetrate a lightening treatment further into the skin for maximum benefits. Hot aromatherapy towels are used to refresh the skin so we can apply another lightening serum layered followed by a hyaluronic acid treatment and topped off with our Signature Skin Brightening Cream. We then use an organic shea mask as an occlusive barrier to force-feed all those nutrients into the skin as you relax for a hand massage. When this treatment ends, you are practically ready for bed!

Anti-Ager's Collagen Facial

Want to slow the signs of aging? Stimulate collagen. Collagen works with elastin in your body to provide the structure and strength needed for firm tissue and skin. With age, collagen breaks down leading to wrinkles, and elastin snaps resulting in sagging. This facial treatment starts the stimulation process with a 20% lactic acid exfoliation on the face and an enzyme exfoliant on the decolette. Microneedling is used to further the stimulation process, then peptides are infused sending signals to your skin to make new collage. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin before a vitamin-rich omega mask is added to seal in nourishment and hydration. Then you relax with a hand massage. Hot aromatherapy towel refresh the skin and tretinol serum is applied under our signature SPF before we send you out to face the day!

Hydration Rejuvenation

Haven't treated yourself lately? Does your skin show it? This facial service touches all the skin care rockstars, from our Signature Vitamin C Serum to advanced tretinol and even mixes in touches of skin brightening fruit acids. And no hydration facial would be complete without our b5 hyaluronic infusion. Did you know hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times it weight in water? That's why it's such a sought after hydrating and anti-aging ingredient. And of course you need a multivitamin power mask to seal the deal while you relax during your hand massage. Hot aromatherapy towels are always a plus, and tretinol extends the effects of your facial over the next few days. Ready for bed yet?

Sensitive Skin's Favorite

Just because you are super sensitive does not mean you can't enjoy facials, too! We have a variety of fragrance-free and colorant free products, preservative-free exfoliators, and all-natural masks and moisturizers that are just for you! You don't have to sacrifice on beneficial actives and skin-loving ingredients. Just add your concerns, issues, or allergies to the note section of your appointment and we will tailor this facial to meet your needs!
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