FREE CC Knit Ponytail Beanie

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CC Beanies are finally back.. with 25 colors AND in our favorite ponytail version! How did it take so long for a genius to create this wonderful winter accessory? 

And the best part? It's FREE for a limited time! All you have to do is pay for you shipping!


Be sure to order your CC Beanie ASAP! This item is an online exclusive and not available in stores. Expect 2-4 weeks delivery.

Shipping and handling for FREE items is only $9.95!

Material and Colors Available:

For easier shopping, there are color coded images at the end of the picture collection. Be sure to click to view all images, and then scroll to the very bottom to find the collage with numbered colors. Select the color/number option from the drop down box that matches the image you like before clicking Add to Cart.

Colors: Pink, Rust, Fuchsia, Plum, Denim, Off-White, Olive, Red, Burgundy, Brown, Eggplant, Grey, Sand, Mustard, Salmon, Dark Camel, Maroon, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Charcoal, Navy, Black, Taupe, and Teal.