Glo Lightening Serum


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Treats hyperpigmentation with effective lighteners. Doubles as a great exfoliating treatment. This little baby truly is the perfect solution for bumpy or break-out prone skin, or for anyone who wants that flawless and glowing "naturally pretty" look. Read every thing you need to know about this amazing skin care miracle product on our blog here. Includes why it's so great, what it's for, how to use it, and what to use it with.

Product Features

• Ideal for Addressing Uneven Skin Tone and Dark Spots
• Great for All Skin Types
• Can be Applied 2-7 Times a Week
• Helps Reduce the Appearance of Dark Spots
• Contains 2% Hydroquinone, as well as Lactic Acid, and Azelaic Acid
• Perfect for Nighttime Use


Apply to target areas or all over face. Use 2-7 times per week in the evening as tolerated. Follow with a Glo Skin Beauty sunscreen during the day.