‘Send Up A Flare’ Exposed Button High Rise Jeans


‘Send Up A Flare’ Exposed Button High Rise Jeans

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How to Style and Wear This Denim

Super high waist with that perfectly fitted stretch.. and butt contouring pockets to match? SOLD! We are SO obsessed with high waisted bell bottoms right now..

Random guy: "I didn't know bell bottoms were back in"..

Me- "Uh, they may not be, but I don't care. They're cute as hell."

Guy: "Oh. Well, you wear them well."

Me- ..exactly.

Size Fit

Size Run: 16W, 18W, 20W, and 22W.

These are definitely long. Blogger speak, here- I am 5'7" and they are made for wedges. They cover my feet and just miss the floor perfectly. This is with a 3" wedge. I have the same 16W and normally wear a 18W high-waisted stretchy jeans. This model (stock image from brand) has to be about 5'9" with maybe a 2 1/2" heel for that much space to be showing at the bottom. It's more ideal, in my opinion, to have a wedge that the back hem can kind of grab with just a little peep-toe exposed in the front.

Color and Fit

Available Denim. Also in Dark Denim here.