‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads
How to Use ‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads
How to Use ‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads


‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads

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The feet are an important part of your overall health and wellness. Often referred to as the second heart, they help circulate fluids back up into the body, which could be inhibited by factors such as stress, poor eating, lack of sleep, sickness, and other toxins.

Designed to relax and enhance your rest cycle, these foot pads stimulate reflexology zones, working overnight to help reduce stress and promote a more restful sleep.

‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads Benefits:

• Promotes a restful, relaxing sleep.

• Helps to draw out impurities. 

• Improves healthy circulation.


For best results, applied to clean, dry feet.

Remove pads from the pouch and peel from paper. Apply the adhesive side of the pad to the bottom arch of each foot. Press the pad firmly onto the skin to ensure a secure fit. Wear while sleeping, then remove and discard.

When worn, pads are usually dark and moist upon removal. Do not exceed 10 hours of use. Wash and dry feet after use.

Package contains 10 pads.


How to Use ‘Sleep Well’ Foot Pads